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Constructions can be of such dimensions and/or weight making it impossible, if not very costly, to have it machined in a workshop. Such constructions include bridges, lock gates, large cranes, offshore constructions, ships, etc. Performing the machining work on site provides a very effective means of repair saving otherwise lengthy downtime to essential revenue savings.
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Van Leeuwen | On Site Machining

Time is of the essence. Whether it is to finish your current project as soon as possible or to start sooner with the next one. Therefore, we understand that maintenance time and downtime needs to be as short as possible. Our solution? On-site machining!

Van Leeuwen On Site Machining (formerly known as Gebr. van Leeuwen Worldwide Industrial Services BV) was founded in 1999 as a company specialized in on site machining starting with portable machines for line boring and milling. Due to market demand, both national and international, it was soon realized that the company needed to expand. 

Today, with a divers range of portable machines and machining techniques, together with a dedicated team of engineers and skilled craftsman our service offering is unrivalled in our specialist field.

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We perform these services to the offshore, dredging, marine, energy, wind, oil & gas, petrochemical and heavy industry.

  • 01
    LINE Boring

    Perfectly straight boring of propeller shafts, stern gears, gearboxes, pivot points of bridges and bearing housings. Our specialized line boring machines are capable of line boring diameters from 1.375 to 315 inches (Ø35 to Ø2000 mm), with the precision of stationary machines.

  • 02
    Drilling & tapping

    Our Compact Drilling Machines are ideal for machining applications which call for drilling holes up to Ø5 inches (Ø130 mm) in a single pass, step drilling. Our machines have hydraulic power supply, enabling us to drill holes with a depth of 1000mm in a very short period.Our tapping capacity mounts up to M70.

  • 03

    Our portable lathe machines make it possible to cut O-ring grooves, repairing turbine spindles, or fixing an out-of-round gear seat area on shafts. Our lathes bolt on the end of a shaft to re-turn shafts and roll journals from 1.5 inches to 24 inches (38 to 610 mm).

  • 04

    Our milling machines features the ability to configure for linear and gantry milling, with up to 98 inches (2500 mm) of x-axis travel and 20 inches (500 mm) of y-axis travel. Connecting our equipment makes it possible to mill extreme lengths up to 30 meters.

  • 05
    Flange facing

    Our facing and circular milling machines enable us to provide facing services to diameters ranging from 45 to 315 inches (Ø1100 – Ø8000 mm). We machine all kinds of material from steel, stainless steel to high tensile steel.

  • 06

    We also take care of all the alignment work, so the entire job is in our hands. We work together with partners who work with the most up to date equipment and who take an impartial position between customer and client.

  • 07

    With years of experience we are convinced that we can settle every technical challenge. In other words, if you think the work can’t be done, we come up with a solution. Don’t worry, we love challenges!

Leo de Vos
Manager Operations
Huisman Equipment B.V.

'With a production schedule that is full 99% of the time, Van Leeuwen is a key asset in delivering high quality.'

Our planning department does their utmost to get the full potential out of our production capacity.  We can always rely on the backup of Van Leeuwen.'

Daan Akerboom
Construction Manager
Allseas Group SA

'Honest, excellent and pro-active support during engineering phase.'

Working with Van Leeuwen is great! I love how they take their responsibility on the worksite. They listen to the client and always strive to achieve a mutual goal: a good end result in a timely and cost-efficient manner.

Jaap de Bruijn
Technical Manager
Nigerian Westminster Dredging and Marine Ltd

'At Boskalis, we highly appreciate the service Van Leeuwen provides to us.'

'The expertise and quality which Van Leeuwen provides to perform both planned and unforeseen maintenance/repairs on our fleet throughout the world is of a very high level.Main reason to choose Van Leeuwen? Their fast and flexible response to any on-site machining problem!

WHY work with van leeuwen?

We are independent from any brand, so we maintain all.


Our engineers operate next (instead of opposite) to you.


We have a reliable network and close contacts with (international) manufacturers.


We have specialized knowledge for inspection, maintenance and machining of your installations, machines and fleet.


Thanks to short lines, little overhead, fast service and a central location, we can act quickly.


Our teams works seamlessly together with your teams on location.


We understand that your current supplier does their utmost to offer you the best quality of service. But what if we told you that in most cases we are faster and that we have really high quality standards?

Request a free consult with one of our technical specialists to see what we can do for you.

See what we can do for you

Our range of services is extensive. We can fulfill almost any on site machining needs. To show you all our possibilities, we have made a brochure that shows all our regular services and some special projects we did.

Just download our brochure and get to know us a little better.

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