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Tapping & Drilling

Our Compact Drilling Machines are ideal for machining applications which call for drilling holes up to Ø5 inches (Ø130 mm) in a single pass, step drilling. Our machines have hydraulic power supply, enabling us to drill holes with a depth of 1000mm in a very short period.Our tapping capacity mounts up to M70.

Leo de Vos
Manager Operations
Huisman Equipment B.V.

'With a production schedule that is full 99% of the time, Van Leeuwen is a key asset in delivering high quality.'

Our planning department does their utmost to get the full potential out of our production capacity.  We can always rely on the backup of Van Leeuwen.'

Daan Akerboom
Construction Manager
Allseas Group SA

'Honest, excellent and pro-active support during engineering phase.'

Working with Van Leeuwen is great! I love how they take their responsibility on the worksite. They listen to the client and always strive to achieve a mutual goal: a good end result in a timely and cost-efficient manner.

Jaap de Bruijn
Technical Manager
Nigerian Westminster Dredging and Marine Ltd

'At Boskalis, we highly appreciate the service Van Leeuwen provides to us.'

'The expertise and quality which Van Leeuwen provides to perform both planned and unforeseen maintenance/repairs on our fleet throughout the world is of a very high level.Main reason to choose Van Leeuwen? Their fast and flexible response to any on-site machining problem!